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Landed and settling in!

We have arrived in London! London is beautiful, I love it here. For the first week, we are staying with my uncle and aunt in Gerrads Cross. My dad and I have already been to a high street coffee shop and walked around. We have bought our train tickets for the week and are all […]

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At the airport!

We are at the airport for a trip of a life time! Waiting at a restaurant to pass the time until we board! Next stop will be Heathrow airport in London.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics

I started gymnastics about four years ago. You are probably thinking of artistic gymnastics where people do flick flacks and walkovers on high beams, but that’s not the kind of gymnastics I do. I do rhythmic gymnastics, we dance with hand apparatus like clubs, ribbon, rope, hoop, ball and free dance which is when you […]

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The trip of a lifetime

I am going to the 2012 London Olympics! We will leave on the 13th July and return on the 9th August. This will be the first time I have ever been to Europe. My family and I will be staying with my Aunty and Uncle in London for one week, then we will spend a […]

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Training time!

I’m training Jupiter to walk and run without a leash! He’s quiet good at obeying orders, but when he sees another dog it’s to much for him, he usually gets to excited and runs up to them! But he’s working on it and he’s getting better so I’m happy!

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