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Thorpe Park

Today we went to Thorpe Park! Wow! It was thrilling going on so many huge super scary roller coasters. Unlike the theme park we have at home, which only has one big roller coaster, Thorpe Park has 13 big rides and 12 tamer ones! My favorites were Colossus and Stealth, which are two of the biggest rides!

Before Stealth

Amazing Stealth

My adventurous mom after Tidal Wave


Me and my fearless sister

On the way home

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2 Responses to “Thorpe Park”

  • Anne Lawson says:

    Sandy is here this afternoon and has just
    given me a lesson on how to comment on your
    Blog so I try it some time soon! Enjoy the
    weekend. Lot of love, gran

  • jenna says:

    hi tash its jenna i love your blog and i still read it miss you but hopefully next year i will come visit you

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