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Dimpie and Jupiters Christmas gifts!

I love Christmas and one of my favorite parts about it is Christmas Shopping! (Especially when you have a lot of money to spend! :D) anyway, I’m going to tell you what I got for my special dogs, Dimpie and Jupiter for Christmas. As one one of they’re extra Christmas presents in 2011 I got them each a doggy Christmas stocking! So that means I don’t have to wrap they’re presents as well! Phew! I got Dimpie one of those long sticks where you there’s a socket where a tennis ball fits in and then you throw it….. It’s kinda hard to explain! 😀 I also got him a Greenie, which is a long green treat that my dogs LOVE plus it’s really good for them. And finally I got him a bone. Jupiters gifts are basically the same, the Greenie and bone, except I for his toy, i got him a cute dog that rattles! All in all I think i got them nice presents and i really in enjoy spoiling my dogs!

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