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The Nutcracker

Even though its already 2013, I thought I would still tell you about my December. First of all I did Cape Town City Ballets end of year production, The Nutcracker. When I auditioned earlier in December I wasn’t sure at all if I would get in, I mean this is South Africa’s leading ballet company we’re talking about! So you can imagine how excited i was when my mom got the message to say that i was in! In the end I actually got three roles in the production, I was a Party Girl a Butterfly and a Rat! My costumes were pretty cool! Anyway, at the Nutcracker there were guest performers from Russia, Daria and Verdem. They are amazing dancers who I really look up to. I even got a photo with them at the end of one of the our shows! Our last performance was on the day before Christmas Eve, the (23). The Nutcracker has been a wonderful experience, and I enjoyed it to the full!

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