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Relaxing in Scotland

We went to Edinburgh for two days. It was really fun there, we went to the Edinburgh Museum, the Edinburgh Castle and we walked the Royal Mile! Next we moved on to Aviemore, where we are now! I am enjoying myself soo much. We went on a boat ride on the Loch Ness, whilst keeping a look-out for Nessie! Today we hiked around Loch Morlich and then canoed on it for an hour, it was great! Tomorrow we are going horseback riding and fishing which i cant wait for! I’m looking forward to it. Right now my family and I are relaxing in our chalet watching the Olympics. Go South Africa! Our second Gold medal in the swimming pool and it’s only the fourth day!!

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  • Anne Lawson says:

    Thanks Tash for the news. Sounds like you
    Have had a great time. Sorry Nessie did not
    Show its head! So now its olympic time what a
    Exciting time. Looking forward to hearing all
    About it and seeing your photos. Enjoy the week
    Week end. Lots of love to all, Gran

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