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July, 2012

Relaxing in Scotland

We went to Edinburgh for two days. It was really fun there, we went to the Edinburgh Museum, the Edinburgh Castle and we walked the Royal Mile! Next we moved on to Aviemore, where we are now! I am enjoying myself soo much. We went on a boat ride on the Loch Ness, whilst keeping […]

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We went to Bath for two days. It’s a beautiful place! We stayed with family friends, the house we stayed in, as well as being huge was very pretty. The history in Bath is amazing what with the Roman Baths being there, the oldest Medieval Church in Europe and the famous Stonehenge. I enjoyed my […]

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Catching my breath

Thursday I went to go see a movie with my cousin, Ice Age 4. Movies are much cheaper in South Africa! Friday I wasn’t feeling great so I stayed at home and relaxed while my sister and mom went to the Tower Of London and the London Museum. I’m hoping to get there before we […]

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Madame Tussauds

We went to Madame Tussauds two days ago. It was so cool seeing so many famous people up close and taking pictures with them. One of my favorite photos was with Nadal!

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Thorpe Park

Today we went to Thorpe Park! Wow! It was thrilling going on so many huge super scary roller coasters. Unlike the theme park we have at home, which only has one big roller coaster, Thorpe Park has 13 big rides and 12 tamer ones! My favorites were Colossus and Stealth, which are two of the […]

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