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September, 2011

My Fox Terrier

My Fox Terrier’s name is Dimpie. He is white with big black spots on him, a long snout and brown eyes. If you want a very loyal kind hearted dog, get a Fox Terrier. Dimpie is very obedient and quick to learn tricks. I have had him for ten years, and every year I love […]

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Jupiter’s BFF!

Jupiter is like any other little boy. He has loads of toys and clothes, but most importantly, he has a best friend! Neptune aka Nepie! Neptune is Jupiter’s BFF Nep is also a little yorkie, he is a few months younger then Jupiter. They have lots of play-dates, even sleepovers!! The games they play, are […]

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Jupie’s big brother

Jupiter has a big brother named Dimpie! He is a fox terrier he is 10 years old. Dimpie can be a little grumpy at times, but no wonder. Jupiter is just as annoying! Jupiter likes to go to Dimpie, and stand on his hind legs and then he licks Dimpie’s face!! Sometimes though they get […]

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