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The Nutcracker

Even though its already 2013, I thought I would still tell you about my December. First of all I did Cape Town City Ballets end of year production, The Nutcracker. When I auditioned earlier in December I wasn’t sure at all if I would get in, I mean this is South Africa’s leading ballet company […]

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2013 is here!

2012 has been an amazing year! But I’m soo excited for 2013! This year I am doing the Cambridge Foundation Corse, for school. Which is grade eight and nine together. As well as school I’m also doing a Training Program at home to improve my ballet. And I’m loving it!

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Rhythmic Gymnastics

I started gymnastics about four years ago. You are probably thinking of artistic gymnastics where people do flick flacks and walkovers on high beams, but that’s not the kind of gymnastics I do. I do rhythmic gymnastics, we dance with hand apparatus like clubs, ribbon, rope, hoop, ball and free dance which is when you […]

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